Silk Effects Square Shape White Lantern Solar Powered Light

Silk Effects Solar Lanterns lighten up your outdoor area by casting a radiant iridescent glow in the darkness. This square solar powered lantern combines shimmering, sheer pearl silk fabric with dazzling earthy colors to illuminate your deck, patio or pool area. The solar panel collects light during the day and charges the AA battery inside, ON/OFF Switch Transfer. When night comes, the photo sensor automatically turns on the lantern without the hassle of plugging in power cords. It will glow for 8 hours into the night before turning off and recharging itself the next day. 

Material: Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) ABS+Polypropylene (PP) PP 

Squared Solar Powered Lantern
Measures 7.9"L x 7.9"W x 7.1" H
Made of shimmering, sheer pearl silk fabric and created with treated ribbing
Comes with 1 rechargeable Ni-Cad AA 600mAh battery, solar panel, 1 LED White light, and a nylon handle with hook
Weather proof- good all year round

La Compagnie de Provence - Body Cream 6.8 oz - Incense Lavender

Health & Personal Care
With its generous and supple texture, this body cream made from olive and sunflower oils leaves your skin nourished, silky-soft and delicately scented. Our elegantly refined fragrance of lavender is infused with hints of sandalwood and then both are rendered sublime by the mystical notes of incense.

Nourishing and rejuvenating body cream